With SportsNow members can easily check in with a QR code instead of a badge. You can use your smartphone and the SportsNow app to either scan your studio's QR code directly or display a personal QR code to successfully check in to your studio.

Good to know

  • The SportsNow app is required for this feature.
  • After you're done with your workout, you can check out and finish your visit directly in the SportsNow app.
  • If you display your personal QR code, please note that this QR code is only valid for 10 minutes. Furthermore, this QR code is personal and may not be shared.

Step-by-step instructions

In the app

  • Click on «Studios» at the bottom of the SportsNow app. 
  • Select your desired studio and click on «Check-in». 
  • Now you can choose which option you want to use to check in. 
  • Scan: Click on «Scan now» and scan the QR code of your studio to check in successfully. 
  • Generate: Click on «Show QR code for check-in» and scan this QR code at your studio's reader. 
  • When you have finished your workout and are leaving the gym, click on «Check out now» in the SportsNow app.