In SportsNow you have the option to set up whether you want to receive email notifications or not.

Good to know

  • Direct messages and invoices from your studio are always delivered to you.
  • If you use the SportsNow app and have allowed push notifications, all notifications will only be sent to you as push notifications by default. If you would like to continue receiving all notifications by email, activate the notification setting «Also receive push notifications by email» in the app.

Step-by-step instructions

On the web

  • Click on «My account».
  • Click on «Settings».
  • Receive notifications by email: By default, a check mark is set here, and you will receive all notifications by e-mail. Remove the checkmark here if you do not wish to receive notifications by e-mail.
  • Click on «Save settings».

In the app

  • Press «Profile».
  • Under «Settings» press on «Notifications».
  • You now have different options about which notifications you want to receive. To change a setting, just press the button.
  • Alternatively, you can also press on the bell in the top right corner of the «Home» view. Then click again on the settings icon in the upper right corner. You can also set your notifications this way.