In SportsNow you have the possibility to see who has booked a class. But this is only possible if your studio allows it and has set the settings accordingly. In this tutorial you will find out where you can view who's coming.

Step-by-step instructions

In the App

  • Press on «Book».
  • Press on the desired studio and search for the desired class.
  • Press on «Who's in?» to view the already registered participants.
  • Alternatively, you can press «Home» - «Your upcoming booking» and then press «Who's in?».

On the Web

  • Click on the timetable of your studio.
  • Search for the desired class.
  • Above «Book now» you can see how many participants have already registered.
  • Click on it to see who is coming to the class.
  • Alternatively, you can also go to «My account» - «Book your next class here!», search for the class you want and click on «Participants» under «Additional comments» to see who is coming to the class.